The history of Gondrexon Industrie SA, based in Zaventem, started in 1844, When the company was born as a workshop for weaving metal fabrics used mainly by tanneries and paper mills.

Almost 175 years later, metal fabrics are still the main activity of Gondrexon. "Our expertise and know-how in the field of metal weaving is unique in Belgium and in the world"

No compromises in terms of quality

Metal fabrics, with mesh openings from 0.1 to 120 mm, are often used in complex and delicate processes. This is why quality is of paramount importance for Gondrexon. We are ISO9001 certified. This means we can guarantee maximum traceability. We also work exclusively with materials of European origin. Our customers require impeccable quality so we do not compromise on this.

Innovate with and for the customer

Unlike other subcontractors, Gondrexon focuses on innovation. But everything does not revolve around automation at home, on all the products we provide, 80% are pure custom work. Our employees are highly technical and reflect with the client at each stage of the project. Some of our employees have been with Gondrexon for more than 30 years, enabling them to proactively seek out solutions with their know-how. This is how we regularly discover new applications allowing us to penetrate other markets. We develop and explore new possibilities with the customer: this is also innovation.

Versatility for greater flexibility

The increasing pressure on delivery times is increasing. We continue to look for ways to respond as quickly as possible. With this in mind, we make our employees work in a versatile way and plan efficiently. Our main flexibility lies in the way we combine the weaving and the specialized finishing of our construction department. This is why we are unique in Belgium.

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