Gondrexon an experience of more than a century and a half in metallic weaving

Gondrexon manufactures metal fabrics from various materials: plain steel, galvanized, high strength, stainless steel and special alloys.

Thanks to its long experience in this field, the company also carries out all kinds of specialized finishing.

Besides the different wire diameters and mesh openings we offer, we also perform cutting, bending, welding and assembly work in our own construction department.

About us

The history of Gondrexon Industrie SA, based in Zaventem, started in 1844 when the company was born as a workshop for weaving metal fabrics used mainly by tanneries and paper mills.

Almost 175 years later, metal fabrics are still the main activity of Gondrexon. Our expertise and know-how in the field of metal weaving is unique in Belgium and in the world.



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